by Floods

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Debut album by Floods.


released August 12, 2016

All songs by Floods. Album art by Susan Opitz ( Recorded and mixed by Charley Markson. Mastered by Hayley Briasco.


all rights reserved



Floods Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sometimes a water resource (rivers, lakes, and ponds) receives too much extra water, either from heavy rain or other natural disasters. When this happens, a large amount of water overflows beyond its normal limits. This water then spreads in a large area of land. This is called a flood. ... more

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Track Name: Drains
You feel it behind your eyelids, it’s creeping up your arm. There’s nothing quite like it, irresistible.
It’s coming out your mouth now, it’s wrapped around your throat.
Floods of euphoria, drains of despair.

Knocked down to a passenger, someone else at the wheel.
In your notebook, details of the chauffeur to hell.
Does it make you a coward? Does it cast you out?
To admit a thought about it like so many else?
Track Name: Artificial Tension
Out of nowhere popping through. A little universe inside of you.
Teased relief, eternally smooth. Temptation of silence, you must eschew.

Artificial tension - it tears and it mends
Artificial tension - please show me where it ends

crumbling ledges to sinking ships nowhere to run to get away from the itch.
background rumbling, steady drip. Time slips through you, tick tick tick.

Artificial tension - it tears and it mends
Artificial tension - please show me where it ends

Which way to go? All options suspect, like a downtown alley you might get mugged in.
Noted nightmares, a map covered with pins. Part of a frightened herd looking for an exit.

Artificial tension - it tears and it mends
Artificial tension - please show me where it ends
Track Name: Signal Fires
Tepid moves, decisive thoughts
Mature desires, childish actions
Little truths, bigger lies
Frightened crawls, fearless flights

Is there any part not filled with dichotomy?
A monopole somewhere in hiding?

Signal fires, pressured vials
Tuning forks, fluid melodies
Stranger love, dull re-runs
Self-pity, confidence

Memory of everything all at once.
Track Name: High-rise
What was that line? How did it go again?
Out of your prime, you were washed up and ignorant
Something clean, give me something pure
Even healthy forests need the occasional good burn

On a sidewalk raging with jealousy, but does the bluebird even realize it's free?

You went back to the well one too many times
Each successive bucket now coming up bone dry
Lists of plans written on your hands
A trail of ink documents your lonely trance

In a high-rise bleeding with empathy
But do we really compare you and me?

I feel it burning, I feel it swell inside
The surface bubbles, the end in sight
Don't tell me you didn't see it coming, you're blind
So clear in the morning, forgotten by night
I stacked the wood, you lit the fire
Everything known released to the sky
Track Name: Boomerang
Is it all for naught if every time you taste a loss?
Gas and brake, a sinusoidal give and take
It comes right back, a boomerang to a waiting hand
Pointed gun, it's not ideal but close enough

Backseat, more kool-aid to drink

Exit signs are flaming red all in your mind
The cards are stacked, the present now echoes the past
It's a luxury to find a bit of certainty
Happenstance chokes like a weed, collapses plans

Backseat, more kool-aid to drink
Track Name: Bare Bones
Shut the door, off with the light
Here we go, digging for what we tried to hide
No control, bare bones tinder box on the floor, waiting to combust into more

I thought there would be more

A world away, relief waiting patient
Minimal, less to be saddled with
I want to know what it is that bothers you alone
What it is that hides inside your throat

I thought there would be more
Track Name: Wanderlust
In a private way, in a million-man voice, you feel the same, you feel the same
With a muscled push and time-lapse ideas, you were caught sneaking looks, caught sneaking looks
Unsatisfied, the same old road ahead, still looking back, you're always looking back

Wanderlust, I’ve got the itch, I gotta go
Wanderlust, the paths we choose, the ones we know

Middle-aged, expatriate. The reasons for hermitage, now legitimate
Keeper of heaps of time, free to roam, but lonely at night

Wanderlust, I’ve got the itch, I gotta go
Wanderlust, the paths we choose, the ones we know

Out where the streams converge and the borders begin to blur
With no dividing lines, I need nothing on my mind. Otherwise, I feel I’m going to lose it.

I feel I’m going to lose it - the calm before the storm. I feel I’m going to lose it – the clay before the form. I feel I’m going to lose it – the outlier to the norm. I feel I’m going to lose it – the veil before it’s torn.
Track Name: On the Move
Climb the walls, put a match to it all. Some poetic fall or some pathetic crawl?

Only half way up, it's not enough, it's not

Dew-soaked shoes, twilight hues. Desire on the move, variable truth.
Track Name: Maybe
Maybe the best of you is left on the pages there
Time to think, time to breathe open air
Finite well, finite spring. Trickles life, trickling tease

For all you know, this could be the way it all will go

Maybe the dream will leave you in a hurry too
You sweat it out, pretend it doesn't bother you
Will happiness be the mute? Will time seal the lips of the muse?

Maybe this is all. It might be, it could be. Or maybe I am wrong. I might be, I could be.
Track Name: Background
The old high and low, push and pull, the murky water to swim through
Familiar taste, back of the throat, a hole-ridden arm aches for the needle

Absent mind most of the time, in and out, maintain illusions
Outside in, nostalgic spin, inside out, resolution

Do you feel alone yet? Do you still fear the quiet?
Have you found a way to drown out the high-pitched background?

Tear it down, board by board, footprints blown into nothing
Empty room, whitewashed walls, power down and restart

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