by Floods

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released July 14, 2017

Andrew Wilson - drums, vocals
Ben Hunt - guitar, vocals
Dane Lund - guitar
Jon Murphy - bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ali Jafaar (ecstatticstudio.com)
Cover photo by Ingrid Bakke


all rights reserved



Floods Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sometimes a water resource (rivers, lakes, and ponds) receives too much extra water, either from heavy rain or other natural disasters. When this happens, a large amount of water overflows beyond its normal limits. This water then spreads in a large area of land. This is called a flood. ... more

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Track Name: Causeway
To get back, to feel that which is drowning in the buzz
Inner voice, clear noise, it takes control
Destroyed it, avoided soaking in the past
Holes in the firewall, the structure gone

Blurry and tired

The post-rush surplus, it's spilling over the sides
Lingering, it's easy to find some emptiness again
Spurred by nothing, it's unexplainable
Feedback, louder, on and on

Blurry and tired
Track Name: Earl
Sleeping awake
Could have sworn it was yesterday
Morning smells and tastes still in my head

Armageddon from open eyes
Exchanging days for nights
Biding the time until I float away

In that dreamy state of mind

I'm on the road to hell
Living life under daytime’s spell
Will next be the night it all slips away?

You’re asleep, I’m awake. Day destroys, night creates.
Track Name: Alternative Facts
Feel the solitude in manufactured truth
Nothing to disprove in the endless feedback loop

Last gasp, the last gasp, the last
Feel it come back

Crowd sucks the air
Pulse on the run
Asphyxia into coma

We all get tossed into history's recycle bin
Track Name: Elemental
Back again, winter wind familiar as it chills
Hands are numb, deaf and dumb to things you used to feel
Try to will it back, white from black, something spontaneous
Losing touch, had enough pressure and relief

Feel like letting go
Fever mind moves slow
Today is a whisper in my ear
That tomorrow’s roar muddles and conceals

Back again, closing in, from an unknown origin
Hands are numb, from the lithium, elemental prescription
Pulse is fast, dial it back, get it over with
Susceptible to the endless pull of the quiet void below
Track Name: Missing People
Split an atom, split my soul
Half to stay, half to go
Where to run from your mind?

Best laid plans, roll the dice
Missing people, unknown suicides
Where to run from your mind?
Scared, alone, and gun-shy

Long road in somehow longer back
In the middle, not sure where the end is at
Where to run from your mind?
Scared, alone, and gun-shy

Take a second, it’ll come

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